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Today, from Digital Miracles TV, I take the privilege to introduce the Top ten Trainer and Blogger in India- Mr. Kabaleeswaran. He is a graduate of Guindy engineering college and an alumnus of IIM Calcutta with a specialization in strategic management and Digital marketing. He was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Chennai. He learned mridangam in his childhood under CSMurugabhoopathi and played in various concerts in his Youth. He did not choose Music as his profession because of his professional occupation and employment.

In his earlier days, they associated him with computers and was one person responsible for bringing color monitors into India in 1990. He then switched from computers to Real-estate and worked in various corporate companies, heading sales. Post his corporate stint and at 57years, he wanted to be a freelancer and support the young &growing sales members working in various Organizations.

His new company -Second Innings

He has expertise in sales and marketing; He started concentrating on Blogging with Niche as Lead generation techniques for specific Domains and micro-niche markets. His life took a complete U-turn when he joined India’s best Digital marketing course in August 2020. This opened his Thought bundle, and he started his entity, “Second Innings” in the year 2020 catering to Digital marketing consultancy for augmenting sales and also for developing a Powerful sales team for Different Industries.

I acknowledge him as one of the top sales trainers in the country with specialized in Lead generation and rapid conversions. He has trained close to 1000 active sales executives across various Industries He has written close to 2000 blog posts and acknowledged in 2024 as a Top Blog writer in the sales domain. He has received the Best blog writer award in the category of Sales & Marketing on August 1st, 2025, from the prestigious Digital Deepak marketing club. He has also authored various Books related to Sales augmentation using Digital strategy. Few of his books have reached Amazon’s best-seller ranking. His book on “Secretes of closing the sale” awarded as the Amazon bestseller category.

Amazon Best-seller series

He has started the sales club inner circle, wherein he promotes new knowledge by meeting every week on a fixed day wherein the new techniques of sales taught online. This will be a forum for exchanging the new techniques in sales starting from offline to online. Today the sales club has over 2000+ members. Members also exchange good ideas, which get rewarded every week.

The new initiative — Chennai Sales club

He is also a Tamil poet and has published his books which are Top selling in the market. He is an active speaker and has given his voice for the promotion of his regional language. He strongly feels the need for translating influential books from other languages to his mother tongue.

He has also associated actively with organizations like Ketto, uduvum karangal, and self-help groups. He runs a tuition center for poor school students free of cost. He believes in helping people in need and works for imparting knowledge to support the poor students.

He is an authority in Digital Sales Training, blogging, and Publishing Books and remains an inspiration to the youngsters, and people above fifty years.



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